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Hi-Pro chicks are hatched from eggs at the state-of-the art Best Dressed Chicken Hatchery in St. Catherine. Each day-old A-Grade chick is fully vaccinated, then delivered in special temperature controlled trucks to our farmers and farm stores island wide.

For best results use our certified Hi-Pro Feeds and feeding program:

WEEK 1 - 4 Broiler Crumble

WEEK 5 - 6 Broiler Pellet

Hi-Pro Tips: Best feed for back yard farming

  • Have you ever thought about raising a few chickens of your own? Raising 12 baby chicks will provide home grown chicken meat at a great price. Visit your local farm store, buy 12 Hi-Pro Chicks and 2 bags of Hi-Pro Broiler Crumble to get you started. For more information, contact your local sales representative

Hi-Pro Tips: Brooding baby Chicks

  • Baby chickens are not able to control their body temperature. It is up to the farmer to provide an adequate heat source for the first 10 days of the chick’s life. Visit your local farm store to purchase a heat lamp that will provide the necessary heat in the nursery area for your baby chicks. For more information, watch the video below or Contact your local sales rep for more information.

Hi-Pro Tips: Brooding baby Chicks

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