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Hi-Pro is Jamaica’s leading brand of animal feed. Using only the highest quality ingredients, all of which come from certified suppliers and meet international standards, we ensure a quality product for our farmers. Hi-Pro is committed to partnering with farmers, educating them about best practices in animal husbandry for better productivity and profitability.

Hi-Pro has specially formulated animal feeds for:

  • Broiler
  • CRUMBLE AND PELLET | Specially formulated with the all-natural feeding power of Celmanax. Use Hi-Pro Feeds for increased rate of weight gain, improved feed efficiencies, lower bird mortality, and increased profits.

  • Layer
  • PELLET AND MASH | Layer ration is specially formulated to increase egg production, improve shell quality and overall performance of your layer birds.

    Quick Tip: Feed birds ¼ lbs of feed per day (25 hens per feed pan).

  • Provide cool, clean drink water at all times (100 hens per 3 gallon waterer) and ensure birds are provided with at least sixteen hours of daylight per day for maximum egg production.

  • Pig
  • The Hi-Pro Pig Feeding program significantly increases the finished weight of your pigs by up to 20% more than the competition. Increase your productivity and profits by using certified Hi-Pro Pig Feeds and management programs that will guarantee profitable production and market-ready pigs in 20 weeks. For more information on ideal Pig management & Feeding practices, download the Hi-Pro Pig Booklet.

  • Other
  • Hi-Pro offers complete animal feeds for Goat, Cattle, Horse and Fish, specially formulated for the animal’s needs and environment.

    This product offering is complemented by our competent team of veterinary and technical representatives who provide farmers with expert advice on nutrition and proper animal husbandry techniques.

    Farmers, Farm Stores & Distributors

    Whether you’re a farmer or operate a farm store, we would be happy to talk with you about doing business together.

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