Hi-Pro Ace Supercentre

Hi-Pro Ace Supercentre serves its customers with the ideal retail experience: Home and Garden Centre, Farm Store, Hardware Outlet and Veterinary Pharmacy under one massive roof. It’s strategically located in White Marl, St. Catherine, close to large urban centres, making it the perfect location for both rural farmers and Garden lovers in Kingston. Featured Products this month at Hi Pro Ace Supercentre:

Hi-Pro Chicks

Hi-Pro chicks are hatched from eggs at the state-of-the art Best Dressed Chicken Hatchery in St. Catherine. Each day-old A-Grade chick is fully vaccinated, then delivered in special temperature controlled trucks to our farmers and farm stores island wide. For best results use our certified Hi-Pro Feeds and feeding program:

Hi-Pro Feeds

Hi-Pro is Jamaica’s leading brand of animal feed. Using only the highest quality ingredients, all of which come from certified suppliers and meet international standards, we ensure a quality product for our farmers. Hi-Pro is committed to partnering with farmers, educating them about best practices in animal husbandry for better productivity and profitability. Hi-Pro has specially formulated animal feeds for: